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Site Title : Moksha Mantra - Life, Wellness & Self Healing -OUR Beliefs and Perceptions.

Site Description : Moksha Mantra talks about our beliefs and perceptions on topics like Life, Wellness & Self Healing. A few topics we cover are movement, prana breath, Indian kitchen, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, chakra balancing, pranayama and related classes, centres, healing guides.

Equanimity Mindfulness Meditation Helps Accept All-Good or Bad

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/equanimity-meditation/

FREESit comfortably in a quiet room of your house or a quiet part of a park. Switch off your mobile phones. 2. Take a couple of deep breaths. Then, focus on your natural breathing. Continue … ... See Details

The Story of 9 Emotions of Navarasas – Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/story-of-9-emotions-of-navarasas/

FREEWhen we feel threatened, our nervous system sets off reactions such as sweating and an increased heart rate. A body used to regular exercise will respond calmly to panic situations. … ... See Details

Desi Ghee – An analysis of its properties, benefits and usage

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/desi-ghee-properties-benefits-usage/

FREEChemically, ghee is 99.5% fat of milk. It is a complex lipid formed by free fatty acids, phospholipids, diglycerides and triglycerides, fat soluble vitamins, carbonyls, tocopherol, … ... See Details

White Vinegar Uses, Nutrition Value and Health Benefits - Moksha …

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/health-benefits-white-vinegar-sirka/

FREETake 1-litre water and boil it in a big vessel. When the water boils, switch off the heat. After 2-3 minutes, put 2 tsp of citric acid and 30 ml of acetic acid in the boiled water. Let the mixture … ... See Details

Health Benefits of Ridge Gourd ‘Tori, Torai’ - Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/health-benefits-of-ridge-gourd-tori-torai/

FREEPromotes weight loss 1. The high dietary fibre content in ridge gourd takes time to be absorbed in the body thus offering a feeling of fullness. 2. Ridge gourd is low in calories and high in water … ... See Details

Mindfulness is Meditation in Daily Life… Everyday Living

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/mindfulness-in-daily-life/

FREEMassaging the neck, shoulders, head or arms gently before getting off the bed is also a good practice. Stretching out a bit after waking up or having a glass of warm water first thing in the … ... See Details

Health Benefits of Grapes (Angoor) – Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/health-benefits-of-grapes-angoor/

FREEThe antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and resveratrol present in grapes help in decreasing high cholesterol, blood clots, heart-related diseases, and high blood pressure. 3. … ... See Details

Clay Utensils Health Benefits and use in Cooking – Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/clay-utensils-health-benefits-and-use-in-cooking/

FREEPut off the heat and let it cool down. Discard the porridge. 3/ 5. Before cooking It is suggested to key the clay pot in water for about 15 to 20 minutes before cooking food so that the pot … ... See Details

Pathimugam Water Benefits & Side Effects - Moksha Mantra

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/pathimugam-water-benefits/

FREEPathimugam is a natural coolant. It helps quench thirst during hot summer days. 8/ 10. Prevents water borne diseases 1. Boiling drinking water with pathimugam helps purify the water. It … ... See Details

Mindfulness Meditation can help manage Sex problems

Link: https://www.mokshamantra.com/mindfulness-meditation-can-help-overcome-sex-problems/

FREEMindfulness Meditation is all about being present aware of every action and thought without being judgmental about it, without giving it the label of a ‘good or a ‘bad’ thought. It can be made a … ... See Details

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